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Tentative NYCP 2020 Schedule of Events (Pending GYA approval of racing schedule)


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Membership meetings will be at the NAS Pensacola Bayou Grande Marina, Crow’s Nest starting at 1730 with Social Hour.  All Bridge meetings will be held at Pensacola Yacht Club at 1730. Each race will have a Notice of Race (NOR) published on the Racing page one month prior to the race.

January 9 Membership Meeting

January 10

Full Moon Float w/MWR

January 29

Bridge Meeting

February 9 Full Moon Float w/MWR

February 6

Membership Meeting

February 29

Maxine #1/Commodores Cup #1

March 4

Bridge Meeting

March 5

Membership Meeting

March 10 Full Moon Float w/MWR

March 25

Bridge Meeting

April 2

Membership Meeting

April 7 Full Moon Float w/MWR
April 18 Anniversary Regatta/CC#2 and Marina Party

April 29

Bridge Meeting

May 7

Membership Meeting

May 7 Full Moon Float w/MWR

May 27

Bridge Meeting

June 4

Membership Meeting

June 5 Full Moon Float w/MWR

June 12-14

Navy Cup 2020

June 20

Summer Sailstice and Marina Party

June 24 Bridge Meeting

July 2

Membership Meeting

July 5 Full Moon Float w/MWR

July 18

Bikini Regatta and Marina Party

July 29

Bridge Meeting

August 3 Full Moon Float w/MWR

August 6

Membership Meeting

August 26

Bridge Meeting

Sepember 2 Full Moon Float w/MWR

September 3

Membership Meeting

September 12

WAVE 2020 at PYC

September 19

Commodore’s Cup #3 and Marina Party

September 30

Bridge Meeting

October 1

Membership Meeting

October 1 Full Moon Float w/MWR

October 10

Commodore’s Cup #4

October 28

Bridge Meeting

November 5

Membership Meeting

November 30 Full Moon Float w/MWR

December 4

Commodore’s Ball at Hilton Garden Inn Airport/Medical Center





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